Hello world!

Welcome on my personal website.
I’m Dimitri Fourny, a french security researcher who like playing with low-level stuff and some others weird things.


Date Article
08/03/2017 Attacking AES and DSA
18/12/2014 Windows C++ exceptions via SEH
02/07/2014 VTable Hooking
26/06/2014 Fuzzing via symbolic execution
17/04/2014 Write your first compiler
16/03/2014 Driver write-what-where vulnerability
14/03/2014 Driver dereferenced pointer in Windows 7 x64
08/03/2014 How I have fuzzed PHP
28/02/2014 Make a plugin for WinDbg
26/02/2014 Kernel buffer overflow on Windows
06/02/2014 How detect and exploit a buffer overflow


Year Project Description
2017 KoalaOS KoalaOS is a microkernel with a bootloader coded in C++.
2017 CS:GO Hack Proof Of Concept of a CS:GO hack written in C++.
2016 NetLoader Inject a .NET executable in a classic process. Written with the FASM syntax.
2016 PEArmor Metamorphic PE packer generated and assembled by a Python code.
2014 JS Obfs Javascript abstract syntax tree (AST) obfuscator.
2014 kBase Ring0 rootkit example to hide files and process on Windows.
2013 Inline Hook Inline hook on Windows.
2013 FASM Packer PE Packer written in x86 assembly (FASM syntax).
2013 FASM Load API + DjbHash Load Windows system API without using IAT.
2013 IAT Hook IAT hook on Windows.
2013 PEImage Two injection system on Windows.
2013 LightVM Emulate alike assembly code.
2013 MASM Crypter A crypter who uses the same techniques than malwares.